Sunday, 18 May 2014

Young Brits!

Hey guys,

Another quick post today. Just wanted to ask everyone if they could vote for me in the Jack Wills Young Brits competition! 

All you have to do is search Yasmin Duly and vote with Facebook.
It would be amazing if you could vote as the prizes are life changing! 

Yasmin xoxo

Models Own Sun Hat

Just a quick post again today. I won the new models own Polish for Tans collection so i swatched my favourite first; Sun Hat. A gorgeous bright pink that actually makes you look tan!

I really love this polish and i can't wait to swatch the rest of the collection! Perfect for Summer.

Yasmin xoxo

Monday, 12 May 2014

Kimono and Cami LookBook

This was something i was contemplating whether to upload or not. I did this simply as a side project a few weeks ago but have now decided to upload it. 

Cami's and Kimono's are a key item for SS/14 and in my video i show you a few ways to style these clothing essentials. I hope you like it:


Let me know what you think; whether i should do more or not?

Yasmin xoxo

Update Post

So this is just a quick update post to make up for a lack of posts.
I am currently taking my GCSE's and had my first written exam today, i've already taken my art and textiles exams late March. I've been pretty busy with my revising and I hate having to put blogging and nail art to the side; but this is my future so I have to do it. 

I hope you understand, I'll be back to super blogging on the 12th of June! I have some exciting posts for the end of June such as Prom, Sixth Form OOTD's and Wedding nails. Stay tuned.

Yasmin xoxo